Coal Joint International


Coal Joint International was formed with the vision to bridge the gap between demand and supply of coal by entering into the business of imported coal for use in India and world over. We envisage ourselves to be a premier and reliable provider for coal requirements. We make the right mine seller and the right mine buyer meet and come to a solution to fulfill their needs in a systematic, professional and honest way.

We are in the business of facilitating coal concessions in Indonesia.

We also have some Joint Ventures / ready working coal mines available in Indonesia for takeover.

We have acquired vast experience, storehouse of resources and network related to coal concession and take-over of mines in Indonesia.

We also act as conduits in securing long term supply contracts for COAL TRADE.

Research: We have done extensive research and travel across the length and breadth of India and Indonesia to identify the right fit, right clients, right principals, right suppliers/ traders/miners to help them convert our vision into a working module.

Relations: We are backed by our associations in Indonesia with Groups of great repute with past performances and fool-proof systems to execute timely and committed supplies and concessions.

Results: Based on our research and relations, we are in a prime position to deliver quality results in any endeavour that we undertake for this business.


COAL JOINT brand so used is to signify:

Prime commodity COAL which is the highlight of our business and

JOINT signifies all modules/aggregates of business possible related to COAL.

Keeping coal as prime, JOINT signifies one stop solution to businesses running parallel to COAL which are Steel & Iron , minerals, cement, power and other infrastructure related modules.


We are a consortium of our associates who are from different fields with requisite knowledge to move this business model to a unique level. BE’s /MBA’s / People with hands on experience and living in Indonesia and other prime coal exporting nations for years with right contacts and know how about the business form our core group.


At Coal Joint, we take pride in delivering your ordered stock on time and in solid condition. As a customer you can rely on us. To make your life easier we provide different modes of sale to suit you better.

Quality Tested:

All our supplies are quality tested before being put for delivery. This test is conducted by an independent inspection body. Quality is given the foremost priority and test report of the stock is provided on request. We even encourage clients to quality test the stock once it reaches their site.

Trusted Source of Procurement:

Coal Joint International supplies Coal Directly from Miners and Government in huge amounts. Our procurement sources are top notch and basically are among the topmost exporters of the world. This is another reason for the high quality of our products and competitive prices.

Customer Relations:

It cannot be stressed enough, on how concerned we are about customer satisfaction. Coal Joint International is a customer oriented firm.

Best Price:

Since the firm is a direct supplier, you can be rest assured that you are not paying any additional price. Buying from direct supplier gives you the advantage of getting very nominal and competitive rates. Moreover, our company has a strong reputation of providing the best price quotation.
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